Friday, 30 March 2018

AIPEU-GDS agitation programme on GDS issues

Dear Comrades,

The AIPEU-GDS 3rd All India Conference held in Allahabad (UP) has unanimously resolved to go for a series of agitation programmes on GDS issues viz., 

(i) immediate implementation of all positive recommendations of  Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report  

(ii) complete the process of Membership verification in GDS cadre.

For the last few weeks Govt. & Department playing tactics & drag the issue of implementation of the GDS Committee recommendations for the reasons best known to the concerned authorities. 

The resentment and anger over the situation is growing day by day among the 2.50 lakhs of Gramin Dak Sevaks all over India.

It suspects, some more hurdles may be created to conclude the process from Govt side. 
We have to built pressure to resolve our issues at the earliest.

Get ready for a higher form of action i.e., indefinite strike.

Make all the agitation programmes a grand success.

General Secretary

Monday, 19 March 2018


Dear Comrades,

It is learnt that even though Cabinet Note was submitted earlier after the approval of Communication's Minister, it is returned, as Finance Ministry has raised some queries.
The Postal Board has replied to the queries of Finance Ministry and resubmitted to Finance Ministry after the approval of Communication's Minister.
Now the file is with Finance Ministry. After approval of Finance Ministry, again Cabinet Note is to be prepared and submitted for Cabinet, after the approval of Communication's Minister.

yours fraternally

General Secretary


Dear Comrades,
The 3rd All India Conference of AIPEU-GDS held in Allahabad (UP) from 16th to 17th March 2018 unanimously decided to go on indefinite strike during the month of May 2018.

Demands :
1. Implement all the positive recommendations of  Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report immediately.
2. Complete the process of Membership  Verification of GDS immediately.
Start campaign and preparations for the indefinite strike now itself.
Make all the programmes a grand success

Fraternally yours,
General Secretary

The CHQ team of AIPEU-GDS elected in 3rd AIC for the ensuing period

The CHQ office bearers unanimously elected in 3rd All India Conference of AIPEU-GDS in Allahabad (UP) held on 16th & 17th March 2018 for the ensuing period.

President                 : Com. Virendra Sharma (Himachal Pradesh)
Wkg. President-1     : Com. Tapan Bharathi (West Bengal)
Wkg. President-2    : Com. Jai Prakash Singh (Uttar Pradesh)
Vice President - 1   : Com. Jogesh Chandra Sahu (Odisha)
Vice President- 2    : Com. Ambika sharma (Assam)
Genl. Secreteary    : Com. P.Pandurangarao (Andhra Pradesh)
Dy. Genl. Secy        : Com. R.Dhanraj (Tamil Nadu)
Asst. Genl. Secy-1  : Com. K.C.Ramachandran (Tamil Nadu)
Asst. Genl. Secy-2  : Com. B.R.Jagdish (Karnataka)
Asst. Genl. Secy-3  : Com. A.V.Sufi (Gujrat)
Financial Secy       : Com. Kumaran Nambiyar (Kerala)
Asst. Fin. Secy.      : Com. Kalyan singh Rana (Punjab)
Orgg.Genl. Secy-1 : Com. Hem singh Thakur ( Madhya Pradesh)
Orgg.Genl.Secy-2  : Com. Chandra N.Chaudary (Bihar)
Orgg.Genl.Secy-3  : Com. K.N.Chary (Telangana)

Special Invitees :

Com.Ashutosh Soman (Rewa Division), Madhya Pradesh
Com.Uttam Chanda (Shillong Division), North East
Com.Ramesh Chand (Faridabad Division), Haryana

Mahila Committee Members:

Chairman : Com. Sali George - Kerala
Convener : Com. H.Sumitra - Karnataka
Member   : Com. P.Vasantha - Telangana
Member   : Com. Janaki - Kerala
Member   : Com. S.Swathi - Andhra Pradesh
Member  : Com. M.Pallavi - Karnataka
Member  : Com. Sulochana - Himachal Pradesh
Member  : Com.Arati Das - West Bengal

Auditor : Deepak Gour & Co., New Delhi